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  Notice of possible/pending litigation: February 5, 2018.

On March 28th, the Board of Directors also announced the results of the vote to purchase 1070 Caughlin Crossing at a Special Assessment Meeting. We were required to secure at least 1,148 votes in favor of the purchase. As of March 12th, we received 1,193 votes in favor of the purchase. Therefore, we have initiated the loan and escrow documents and expect to close on the building by the end of April. We want to thank everyone who voted for their participation; we could not have done it without you!

We have accumulated just over $300,000 (due to interest earned) in surplus funds. The surplus funds will be allocated to each owner's assessment account in the amount of $130.95. We will then immediately deduct a special assessment amount of $130.95 towards the down payment of 1070 Caughlin Crossing. Therefore, there will be a zero (0) net effect on each owner's ledger. We are required by NV law to follow this process.

Reasons to visit the CRHA office:
  • Attend bi-monthly Board of Directors Meetings; owners are always welcome
  • Meet with the General Manager to discuss any association matter; appointments recommended
  • Meet with the Assistant Manager to discuss and/or review architectural improvement plans and CC&R
       compliance requirements; appointments recommended
  • Meet with the Assistant Manager for Notary services free of charge to owners; appointments required
  • Meet with the Bookkeeper regarding unpaid balances, payments, etc.; appointments recommended
  • Food Bank of Northern Nevada donation barrel available year-round
  • Extensive "Little Free Library"; not very little but always free
  • Coffee with the Manager once a month alternating from 9:00 am one month to 5:00 pm the next; owners
       are always welcome
  • New Homeowner Orientation once a month at 5:00 pm; owners and prospective owners are always
  • Purchase For Sale and For Rent signs (at cost)
  • Purchase remote entry gate fobs (at cost)
  • For some cold water on a hot day when you are out walking. And, we always have "Scooby Snacks" for
       our four-legged friends
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    Phone  775 746 1499

    Hours   Monday - Friday 8 AM to 5:00 PM


    Tel 775 746 1499
    1070 Caughlin Crossing
    Reno, Nevada 89519


    1070 Caughlin Crossing

    Reno, NV 89519


    Homeowners Association
    PLEASE do not report irrigation problems via e-mail as they are
    not monitored 24-7. Please call
    all water related problems into
    (775) 746-1499 for immediate
    assistance 24-7. This will help to
    minimize water loss and expedite
    the repair.