In this time of need, we remind our Caughlin Ranch residents how critical it is to assist one another, especially those who may be at high-risk. Please reach out to your neighbors and ask them specifically how you can help.

I am going to the store; can I pick up anything for you? We are getting take-out tonight; can we pick up something for you too? Junior is mowing our lawn tomorrow; may we come by and mow yours also?

If you are able to serve as a volunteer to assist Caughlin Ranch residents in need of grocery, prescription pick-up/delivery, etc., please e-mail: Please provide your address and telephone number. You will be added to the list of residents who have volunteered to assist those Caughlin Ranch residents in need.

When a resident calls (775-746-1499) or e-mails ( the Caughlin Ranch office in need of assistance, Caughlin Ranch staff will provide them with the list of residents who have volunteered their time. You may want to check the social media platforms such as Nextdoor and Facebook to find volunteers who can assist neighbors with their needs or to volunteer your services.


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